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Recycled Polyester Yarn
For Label

Reducing synthetic microfiber pollution
in our environment

In 2022, we partnered with CiCLO® Technology to produce sustainable, degradable recycled polyester yarn, which has been successfully implemented in mass production. Independent testing conducted by a reputable testing company has shown that the physical characteristics and color fastness of our product are no different from those of traditional polyester.

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New Features

CiCLO® Technology has an authentication program that requires all CiCLO® certified fiber producers to participate in a traceability program, ensuring the presence of CiCLO® in every lot they manufacture.

We have also obtained product safety certification through OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT and GRS certification for quality assurance in circular recycling.

While our yarn cannot solve the pollution caused by discarded synthetic fibers in the environment, its sustainable degradation properties, similar to those of natural fibers like wool, can help reduce or even eliminate the accumulation of pollution caused by micro plastic fibers.

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